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Spirit Lake
Serving the Children of the World
Paper Drive - Group 2

Pick up paper, curbside, in the town of Spirit Lake, beginning at 9:00...


Welcome to the Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis Club.  Our club was chartered on October 27, 1947.  For over sixty years, we have been making a difference to those in need here in the lakes area.  As a member, you join over 90 other caring people who understand the importance of sharing their time and talents.  We annually contribute in excess of $25,000 per year to youth based programs and are proud of our hand prints of service found all around the lakes area.  We encourage you to visit our Kiwanis Park Located on the corner of 23rd street and Keokuk in Spirit Lake, just off the bike trail.  Our meetings are held every Thursday noon at Wesley Place in Spirit Lake located across the street to the east from the Dickinson County Courthouse on Hill Avenue. 

Kiwanis offers unlimited opportunities for you to make a difference, to change our world because you choose to share your talents, your time, and your love with someone in need.

Leadership: Our club is lead by six elected club officers and seven board members who meet at noon, the first Wednesday of each month, at the Pizza Ranch.

President: Brent Harris

President-Elect: John Hight

Vice President: Britleigh Ingwersen

Immediate Past President: Ernie Cupp
Secretary: Sue Clark

Treasurer: Tony Poncelet

Board Members: Norm Johnson, Kim Wermersen, Blain Andera, Dustin Pohlman, Teresa Beck, Scott Trautman, Ryan Schmidt 

Interclubs: An interclub is when a minimum of one member from one club

visit another Kiwanis club, event, or other service organization. We encourage every member to be part of at least one interclub each year. It’s fun to see how other clubs operate and to share ideas with fellow Kiwanians from other communities.

Division, District, and International meetings encourage interclubs. It’s a great way to learn more about Kiwanis and the impact we are having around the world.


Kiwanis Family Organizations: Kiwanis is the only service organization in the world encouraging children and adults to serve together. Kiwanis offers opportunities for elementary school children with K-Kids Clubs; for middle school children with Builders Clubs; for high school students with Key Club; for college students with Circle K Clubs; for the mentally challenged with Aktion Clubs; and for adults with Kiwanis Clubs. Opportunities to grow in service throughout life. Our club financially supports:

Spirit Lake Middle School Builder's Club 5th & 6th
Mrs. Kalkhoff is their school advisor/Susan Clark - Kiwanis Advisor 

Spirit Lake Middle School Builder's Club 7th & 8th
Mr. Kevin Range is school advisor/Stacy Rosemore - Kiwanis Advisor

Spirit Lake Aktion Club
Amanda Jorgensen is facility advisor/Bonnie Fokken & Susan Clark are Kiwanis advisors.   (co-sponsor with Sunrise Kiwanis)

Spirit Lake High School Key Club
Lisa Duffy is school advisor & Jim Hitchcock is the Kiwanis advisor
New club forming this year (fall 2013)


Foundations: Every member can provide a legacy of giving through our Kiwanis Foundations. You have an opportunity to join other Kiwanians and make a Difference by donating to our Kiwanis International Foundation and our Nebraska-Iowa District Foundation. Recently, Kiwanis partnered with UNICEF and truly changed the world by raising over 80 million dollars to help eliminate the leading cause of preventable mental retardation in the world – iodine deficiency. Another worthy cause of our International Foundation was the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund where Kiwanians offered millions of dollars to the aid of those who lost everything. There are many ways you can help the efforts of our Foundation: become a Hixon Fellow with a donation of $1000, join the Heritage Society by bequeathing a share of your estate, be honored with a Tablet of Honor with a donation of $2000. The Spirit Lake Noon Club donates $5 per member to the Foundaton each year. The Nebraska-Iowa District received $30,000 over the past 3 years from the Foundation for grants for pediatric trauma kits donated to EMS teams to help children in need. The Nebraska-Iowa District also champions a Foundation. You may become a Life Member of the Foundation with a donation of $100, a Star Life Member with additional $100 donations, and a Bartlett Lady or Fellow with a contribution of $1000. You can receive Diamond recognition with additional $1000 contributions. The Spirit Lake Noon Club donates $5 per member to this Foundation each year. The Ne-Ia District has become well known around the world for our Pediatric Trauma Kit project providing kits and training for EMS teams throughout Nebraska and Iowa. Our Foundation also offers leadership opportunities to deserving underprivileged 5th and 6th graders at Camp OK at Graetna, Nebraska. Members of our club have earned the Hixon award, the Bartlett award, Tablet of Honor, and Heritage Society recognition.


Invite Others: We encourage you to invite friends, associates, and new
 people to
the area to visit our club. The Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis Club is a great way to grow lasting friendships through service to others. New members bring new ideas and new excitement to our club. Help give others an opportunity to make a difference!

New Clubs Sponsored by Spirit Lake Noon Club:

Sibley 1953 Terril 1978

Melvin 1957 Lakes Golden K 1981

Milford 1967 Spirit Lake Sunrise 1993

Ia. Great Lakes 1972 Lake Park 2003

Spirit Lake Middle School Builders Club 2010

Spirit Lake Middle School Builders Club 7 & 8  2011

Spirit Lake Aktion Club  2011

Spirit Lake High School Key Club 2013



Past Citizen of the Years: This distinguished honor is presented to a lakes area resident for years of dedicated volunteer service to others. Nominations are taken from throughout our community and the award is presented at our annual Kiwanis Christmas party held in December.

Past Honorees:

A.M. Johnson, Jr. 1949                 Dr. Burton Newell 78-79

H.E. Isley 1950                           Beverly Bergquist 79-80

Mr. - Mrs. Chalmer Smith 1951       Byrn – Dorothy Smith 80-81

John Hafer 1952                          Wilbur E. Hanson 81-82

Karleen Olson 1953                      Emily Van Voorhis 82-83

John Webb 1954                         Vinton C. Arnold 83-84

W.F. Barret 1955                         Dean Hummel 84-85

Harry Smithers 1956                     Blaine Hoien 85-86

Rusty Furman 1957                      Jack Bedell 86-87

H.E. Narey 1958                          Lynn Wallace 87-88

Peter Ainsworth 1959                   Dr. Tom Boeke 88-89

Dr. Don Rodawig, Sr. 1960             Dr. Don Rodawig, Jr. 89-90

Paul Johnson 1961                        Cliff Hinderman 90-91

J. Robett Cornell 1962                   Bob Bergquist 91-92

Glenn Carver 1963                        Dr. Ike – Karleton Zeigler 92-93

Dr. Ken Clayton 1964                    Clayton Hagberg 93-94

Berkley Bedell 1965                       Wayne Northey 94-95

Dr. Phil Scott 1966                        Elwin Tritle 95-96

W.E. Beck, Jr. 1967                       John van der Linden 96-97

Robert R. Cornell 1968                    Dr. Eric Nielsen 97-98

Peter B. Narey 69-70                     Mike Stineman 98-99

L.K. Bennett 70-71                        Norm Meinking 99-00

Dr. F.V. Maytum 71-72                   Barb Mendenhall 00-01

Richard R. Ayres 72-73                   Duane Yager 01-02

Dr. A.L. Klein 73-74                        Kim Wermersen 02-03

Fred Weber 74-75                          Robert Currell 03-04

Burney Daniel 75-76                        Sherry Jorgensen 04-05

Ed Hummel 76-77                           James Ladegaard 05-06  

Kenneth Welty 77-78                     Tom Bedell 06-07 

Dave Butterworth 07-08                        Bob Boettcher 08-09

Jerry Fastenow 09-10                            Jan Bolluyt 10-11

Barry Holtgrewe 11-12


There are no events or meetings listed